About Secure On Style

The Secure on Style Company was launched as a result of the NFL Clear Bag Policy in 2012. As they say adversity breeds opportunity when it was realized that I did not own a handbag or clutch that met the requirements to enter Gillette Stadium. After acquiescing to the idea that I’d have to carry my phone, credit cards and keys in a pocket in my coat, I was determined to find a better handbag. I searched the internet for days and could not find an acceptable alternative. I decided at that moment that I would design a handbag that would be clear but then could be made private again. We took the idea from design to manufacture to sale in one year.

The attachment system proved to be problematic and required re-engineering and several prototypes later we have a fully functioning design. It is the goal of Secure on Style to provide an elegantly designed, quality zippered clear plastic leather handbag that meets security requirements but looks good in a multitude of settings. Whether it be for a fancy evening at a nightclub or event that also may have security procedures on entering you will always be prepared. I’m sure all of you fashionistas out there will appreciate how this Fashionable Security Bag can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

This has been quite an experience to get Secure on Style handbag company off the ground but it is so important to follow your dreams. There is no failure in life, except the failure to try.

A patent has been filed and the Secure on Style name and LOGO are registered trademarks.

CREDITS: Caroline Gilbody Photography provided the amazing photographs and models for the Secure On Style photo shoot. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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